Engineer - Insurance

  • New York

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    150,000 Per Year

  • Permanent

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New York, New York, United States

Insurance is an exciting growth business area for Two Sigma. At Two Sigma Insurance Quantified (TSIQ), we seek to create value by applying Two Sigma's core engineering and modelling capabilities to the insurance space. TSIQ partners with leaders in the insurance industry to deliver products that reduce costs and support more effective underwriting capabilities. Comprised of a diversified and growing team of highly skilled data scientists, engineers, and business professionals, TSIQ possesses the agility and innovation of a dynamic startup with the resources of a well-established company.

Two Sigma is a technology company dedicated to finding value in the world's data. Since its founding in 2001, Two Sigma has built an innovative platform that combines extraordinary computing power, vast amounts of information, and advanced data science to produce breakthroughs in investment management, insurance and related fields. Today, Two Sigma manages approximately $55 billion in assets, employs more than 1400 people and has offices in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Houston and London.

We are building the technical platform for Insurance, underpinning modelling and production services. This platform will be cloud based, deployed in AWS, utilising several of the Amazon managed services (EMR, ECS, Redshift, Lambda etc.) as well as custom software.

We’re seeking top class engineers to join us.

You will be expected to:

  • Understand drivers and requirements of new initiatives.
  • Create and evaluate architectures and designs, proposing the right solution for the problem.
  • Implement high quality solutions, which may involve integration of managed services and/or custom engineering work.

Requirements Include:

  • Excellent Computer Science expertise.
  • Demonstrated experience with Java or Python.
  • Distributed systems experience
  • Good communication, both written and verbal.
  • Interest in working collaboratively in a rapidly evolving business.
  • Experience with analytics tools such as Apache Spark desired, but not crucial.
  • Experience with AWS products desired, but not crucial.