Intelligence is...

The Data


Our technology frees up consultants to work in a way thats more human - focussing energy on what matters most. Attracting and building relationships with our clients and the talent they need. Since 2013, we've been building our systems and culture to analyse and interact with data in the following 3 ways:



Data aggregation and data mining looks into the past to tell us: "What has happened?"

Most recruitment companies stop here because it's enough to satisfy senior management.



Statistical models and forecasting techniques anticipate the future to tell us: "What could happen?"

Very few recruitment companies have accurate enough data to do this.



Optimization, simulation algorithms, and machine learning suggests possible outcomes to tell us: "What should we do?"

twentyAI are pioneering this approach in the industry to improve the experience for clients, candidates and our own consultants.



These 3 aspects combined, form the essence of Augmented Intelligence.

What is


T360 is the nerve centre that processes thousands of data points in real time, and then displays that information to each person, team, and manager in a digestible way.

You can think of it like a seriously intelligent friend working alongside each person, giving them the insight and capacity to do a better job. For example, you may get to where you're going without Google Maps, but you can get there faster, with greater efficiency, and with more certainty by using their intelligent technology and rules-based logic. The best route at any given time is often not the one your gut instinct told you.

Made up of over 40,000 lines of code, algorithms, and machine learning methodology - T360 takes data from our back office systems through to our CRM, email, and phone systems. From there it can automate manual tasks, improving and maximising efficiencies in the process, and communicate next best steps to our teams.

This technology is completely unique to twentyAI. Everyone in our business is committed to contributing to the accuracy of the data, so it gets better every single day.

Back Office Inputs

Front Office Inputs and Outputs

Automated Candidate Outreach

Our goal is to ensure our candidates receive all the information they need to succeed in their jobs search and career progression but we remove repetitive manual tasks from our consultants. We aim to enable our people to focus on value add human interaction. For instance we can automate time sheet reminders so contractors get paid on time. Our consultants can personalise all our automated communication and any replies to text messages or emails come directly back to them so problems or questions are dealt with seamlessly.

Automated Consultant Assistance

T360 enables all consultants to focus on what is going to benefit our clients and candidates the most. T360 will highlight the next action and focus attention on what is most likely to convert into a positive outcome. T360 prevents human error from impacting processes with helpful reminders where actions need to be taken. Everyone has a personal relationship T360 specific to them based on their historic data. Most consultants never knew they needed T360 but would now never be without it.

Development Stack

  • .NET 7, ASP.NET Core 7.0
  • C# 11
  • Angular 15
  • Blazor
  • Visual Studio 2022
  • Azure DevOps