Excellent Employees Everywhere


As a result of the unprecedented pace of evolution of the employer and employee relationship through the pandemic, every organisation has to reassess their talent acquisition, retention and location strategies plus cultural and operating models. Radically different criteria applies to different classifications and skill sets of workers and industries. The landscape is more complex than ever before and the opportunity has radically changed.


Each company simply has to have a plan of how to compete in a decentralised future with talent distributed across the USA. This creates many more challenges than the pre Covid landscape. You may be encountering any one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Existing employees, you want to retain, planning on moving out of your registered state
  • Employees that have already moved out of state to locations you don’t have entities
  • Competing for remote talent and trying to hire in states where you don’t have entities
  • Figuring out how you provide competitive healthcare, benefits and a 401K in locations where you have a small number of employees
  • Calculating the correct taxes and ensuring payroll compliance for a decentralised workforce
  • Mitigating legal, tax and compliance risks within an increasingly complex workforce and environment


We are here to help you find the perfect team members and partner with you to enable them to live and work anywhere in the USA.

We will source, screen, onboard, provide healthcare and benefits and pay employees with complete confidence. We use cutting edge technology to make the whole process seamless and simple including 1 fixed price and 1 invoice regardless of how many employees and how many locations.

Differently to all other EOR’s, this can be completely bespoke to your organisation and you will have real people and dedicated account management in the US for your company and employees to speak to anytime you have a question or need assistance.

TwentyAI can also enable international companies to hire and scale in the US with no red tape as easily as they could in their own country.

We have simply taken the pain out of adapting to the world of freedom to work for your employee and freedom from complexity for employers.

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