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    Share Scheme
    The most powerful symbol of our long-term partnership ethos is our share scheme. Everyone, after their first 12 months, is entered into our unique share options scheme.
  • 2
    Uncapped commission packages for all. in addition, we recognize the sacrifice managers make in the training and development of their teams. This is integral to the growth of our business so we also provide generous management bonuses. 
  • 3
    High Performers Trips
    twentyAI's best performers are often whisked off to fantastic, international locations. Pre pandemic, such locations included Ibiza and Cancun.
  • 4
    HR stuff
    Your welfare is important to us so we take care of the important stuff: generous "European style" PTO, comprehensive healthcare, 401k, commuter benefits, life insurance. We also give back with regular charitable initiatives that you can take a day to be involved with.  
  • 5
    Fine Dining
    Top performers each quarter enjoy a fun activity like Go-Karting or Top Golf followed by a sumptuous dining experience. This can range from Michelin star restaurants to the best barbecue. It's your reward so you choose. 
  • 6
    Office and Team Events
    More frequent incentives to celebrate "smaller wins" such as bagels, tacos or a classic NY slice of pizza delivered to your desk. Monthly team-selected events such as all-you-can-eat sushi, rooftop drinks, attending a soccer or baseball game or summer afternoons in the park. 
  • 7
    Global Town Hall
    Monthly opportunity to connect with teams on different continents to share successes and have a direct dialogue with the CEO and senior leadership about all things twentyAI.
  • 8
    Glocalized Culture
    twentyAI is a global brand, but we recognize that each location has it's own quirks and we are not a "one size fits all" business. We encourage the uniqueness of each location and encourage people to share those quirks. 
  • 9
    Hybrid Working
    Being innately social beings, working from the same location a couple of times a week can only improve our interactions and development. We have fully embraced and recognized the benefits of a flexible working schedule. 

We're redefining the recruitment industry.

With innovative technology and inclusive values at heart, we’re redefining the next generation of recruitment businesses. As a twentyAI recruiter, you’ll leverage our technology ecosystem to get the greatest results with the least resistance. And those results pay.

We don’t do uphill struggles - just a slick, data-driven process that works. With growth as a given, our managers and directors have progressed quickly in their careers, and everyone contributes to the evolution of our business.

Want that “tech company feel” while still using the skills you’ve worked so hard to cultivate?

Entry level or Experienced hire - attitude is key to progression

Whether you are at the beginning of your career or part way along your journey you’ll be judging your next employer by asking these questions:

  1. what’s the quality of the leadership and the culture?
  2. do they know why they exist and where they are going?
  3. is there a clear career plan with continual training?
  4. is the brand respected in its markets?
  5. can I build equity in the company?

At twentyAI, we’ve got compelling answers to all these questions and troves of evidence to back it all up. 

The key to success at twentyAI is all about your attitude to the work. We aren't looking for perfection we are looking for people who have a desire to progress, identify with our mission and values and want to build a career with a company striving to move the industry forward.