Build Engineer

  • New York

  • $

    96 Per Hour

  • Contract

Reference: 26239


We are looking for a Software DevOps Engineer to help automate our build systems and processes. 

Daily responsibilities:

  •  You will be involved in design, development, and execution of a build system in use by over two hundred engineers.
  •  You’ll develop in Jenkins, CMake, git, C++ build troubleshooting, and Python.
  • Expertise with Maven, Gradle, Subversion
  •  Modifying or developing code using CMake, Python, and frameworks of the Jenkins ecosystems.

We expect:

  •  Complete projects that require significant engineering skills and the ability to work with a team
  •  Work with engineering teams across the division and understand their development requirements and usage patterns
  •  Be willing to tackle new challenges, learn new technologies quickly