Fullstack Developer/ RPA Engineer

- $100/hr Contract - Seattle, WA

  • New York

  • $

    85 Per Day

  • Contract

Reference: 16840


Here is the Dallas info we discussed:


1)      We need between 6-8 software engineers

2)      How long: Oct 16th is likely the start date, until end of year, with possible extension

3)      Rate: ~85/hour for Junior, ~130/hour for Senior, we could make exceptions if the resource is stellar of course

4)      Skillsets:

a.       Full stack engineers who have strong front-end, API/middleware, and DB experience.  Languages and tech: Angular, Java, Oracle.

b.      If there is an RPA engineer, we can go higher on rate as this is a specialized field


A little color from manager Drew Bollman:


We will be building professional (prod-ready) responsive web applications using Angular, coding APIs using Jersey/Java, and coding against Oracle databases.    We prefer full stack devs who feel comfortable in all three layers (front end, API, database).    We need folks who can hit the ground running and are self-managing (Agile scrum experience preferred but we can onboard folks to Agile).  We will not be able to work with developers who need to be told every single task to accomplish something.