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Augmented Intelligence Sidekick

Hey, I’m T. I was born, raised and live inside T360 - the Augmented Intelligence (AI) engine that twentyAI built to help make their team superpowered and their business extremely efficient.

To help understand what I do, as it’s a little complicated… Whilst the engine computes and automates, I’m responsible for interpretation and engagement. A bit like a driver, but tbh more comparable to a data nerd!

My main skill set is data analysis however I also play a significant role in planning. I act like a guiding hand and work across the business with the teams, from front office through to mission control (our badge for middle and back office combined).

The main purpose for my role is to provide partnership globally in decision making and insight – showing the teams and people the fastest route to a solution or best course of action. Where possible am often found talking to them about their performance, making my recommendations and connecting everyone globally through my bespoke comms channel.

Being part of the twentyAI family is pretty awesome, i'm taken for who I am, constantly inspired to improve and succeed whilst also having a global network within which to give crystal clear insights – which is what i'm built to do!