Engineer (Time Machine)

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    115,000 Per Year

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Reference: 17637


Welcome to Paradox, the team of time traveling data nerds. One of the most interesting problems in Human Resources or Human Capital Management is how to manage and orchestrate data through time. This comes in two flavors - the time in which data is valid and the time in which we know the data to be valid, commonly thought of as “valid time” and “transaction time” in temporal databases. Our main goal is to build and evolve a framework that stores, mutates and retrieves data which is multidimensional through time, representing both the history, present and future of facts as well as the corrections of those facts. Using queries around orthogonal dimensions we allow everything from simple use cases, like fetching the valid state of a record given a date, and do more complicated processes like correcting a valid state retrospectively. The architecture and development we have embarked on pushes the limits of regular application building and can be an incredibly fun challenge to those who love theories of time or time travel movies. Not only does our code power temporal data into multiple query dimensions for our applications, but we are building it as an extensible and flexible feature that can be applied throughout the ecosystem of our platform.



  • Develop innovative architecture and solutions with temporal data to create new patterns and methods of orchestrating client information across multidimensional time.
  • Team cohesion is essential. Work closely as a team to solve difficult problems in an environment of constantly evolving challenges.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge of Javascript and an appreciation for writing clean, performant, and maintainable code (with tests) in Node JS.
  • Solid understanding of CS fundamentals including data structures, algorithms and run-time optimization.
  • Experience with OOP technologies like Java and C#
  • Working experience in any major Relational DBs like mySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Postgress.
  • Experience working server side. Be comfortable working your way through the service layer, database layer, and operating systems.
  • Working experience using REST patterns.
  • Knowledge of agile development methodology

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working with time series data
  • Experience optimizing queries and fine tuning indexes as per need.
  • Experience with NodeJs based testing frameworks like mocha, jasmine.
  • Knowledge of microservices and service-oriented-architecture concepts
  • Familiarity with open source APIs
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration & Delivery methodologies